A Perfect Sunday. Green Love A’Fair

tashamay_welovejakarta_green love a'fair_ Como Park Kemang

Well, a week has already passed since I started writing this post so before more time slips away, let me get back to it because…. Woooooooah…. this was just the perfect way to spend a Sunday… the way I have dreamed about for years… the way I never thought was possible in Jakarta! The things […] Read more »

One Fine Sunday… Taman Suropati, Menteng

Another early morning and Putra left for filming in Kelapa Gading at 5.00am so I was wide awake and wondering what to do for entertainment with Samudra on a Sunday.  I wasn’t feeling energised enough to make the long walk for Car Free Day but decided we would head to Taman Suropati so Samudra could […] Read more »

JFFF 2014 at Kelapa Gading

Well hello! It’s been over a month now since my 100 Days of Happiness ended and we have been caught up in a whirlwind of play dates, events, work, adventures and giving my back a break from carrying the camera plus Samudra everywhere I go, every single day. I have really missed keeping a record […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 22

Another day, another new experience in Indonesia.. Putra left home at 4.30am to go shooting Gamma1’s video clip in Cibubur and although Samudra was awake within seconds of his bapak leaving, we didn’t go to join him until later in the morning.  Putra had mentioned that it would be filmed in a large house in […] Read more »

Anatman Pictures

As I didn’t get a chance to capture much of todays happiness in Jakarta, I thought I would share some stunning images shot around picturesque Indonesia by my super talented and beautiful sayang, Putra. He has recently started his new company, Anatman Pictures, which specialises in documentary film making. Anatman is a sanskrit word which means […] Read more »

Brightspot Market – Lotte Shopping Avenue

Hip hip hooray! It’s the Brightspot Market time of year again already and this time it’s being held at the brand new Lotte Shopping Avenue (as if Jakarta needed yet ANOTHER mall!). Today is the last day so head on down if you have the will to battle the traffic and check out the men’s […] Read more »

Holi Hai Festival

It was great to get back to JIExpo Kemayoran for another year to celebrate the beginning of Spring at Holi Hai, the Hindu ‘Festival of Colours’. The laughter and happiness was infectious as soon as we arrived and got bombarded by kids with handfuls of colour.. There was no way we could sit back and […] Read more »

Brightspot Market returns to Grand Indonesia

HELLO JAKARTA!!! I realise it’s already March now and it’s been way too long between postings… Life since November has taken on all sorts of twists and turns and it’s been a complete lifestyle change for me – at least temporarily! There’s been no more of all the things that defined my life in Jakarta […] Read more »

Roller Boogie at Blok M Square

A huge thank you to Cipta and the crew at goodguysneverwin toy co. for the super fun night at Blok M Square 80’s Roller Boogie…  The theme was 1986 and the music took me back to my youth, the outfits made me laugh, and the dance moves were hysterical as we skated for hours around […] Read more »