Treen & Tri tie the knot!

OK.. so this technically didn’t happen ‘in’ Jakarta.. but it’s all thanks to Jakarta that December held an extra super special occasion for us… Treen and Tri got married – YIPPPPPEEEEEE!! Who would have thought back when we started this blog in 2010, still struggling to find our way through this city and with the […] Read more »

The Circus of Dreams

Last year I was fortunate to learn about and attend the 7th Annual Community Circus of the Red Nose Foundation, or Yayasan Hidung Merah, which is a fantastic non-profit arts and education outreach organisation based in Jakarta. All the students of the foundation reside in the slum areas of Cilincing, North Jakarta, or Jurangmangu Timur, […] Read more »

Hello Jakarta 2015!

Hello Jakarta! It’s now one week in at 7th January so I’m a little late with my message but here’s wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope for you all is that 2015 is filled with love, laughter, adventures, sprinkles of magic and all your dreams coming to fruition.. The last few months of last […] Read more »