Pejaten Performers

Every year, students from the Australian International School in Pejaten (AIS Pejaten) hold an art exhibition and theatre production for parents and fellow students at the prestigious TIM in Cikini, which I have attended for the past two years, thanks to my beautiful sister Treen being one of the many teachers who dedicates their time […] Read more »

Mini Fashion Show by Rafi Abdurrahman Ridwan – ‘Lovely Moment for Lovely Kids’

Indonesia’s National Children’s Day was celebrated earlier this week on 22nd July and I would like to acknowledge all the children I know that have touched my heart and brought sunshine to my days and I would especially like to dedicate this day to a very special friend of mine, Indonesia’s youngest Fashion Designer, Rafi […] Read more »

Motor Motor Cinta

Here in Jakarta where public displays of affection are not widely accepted it is very unusual to see anyone holding hands or sharing an intimate moment with their husband/wife/lover.  In Australia, especially during the warmers summer months, the parks are filled with young love, and the streets are filled with happiness as couples stroll hand […] Read more »

Antasari Flyover in South Jakarta

I have been watching the construction of the new Antasari Flyover for several months now in South Jakarta.  I have watched in awe as the beams were erected and the workers were lit up in the night sky standing on metail railings.  Coming from Australia where Work Safety practices mean that there are standards to […] Read more »

A Heart of Gold – Ages Biola and Taman Suropati Chamber

  If you live in Jakarta, it is easy to get distracted by the mess of the city; the mind-bending traffic, the corruption, the pollution, the mind-blowing poverty; it feels like a city that is about to self-combust while you can only sit and gape and wonder, who is doing anything about this mess?  Does […] Read more »

Jakarta Fair 2012 Flora and Fauna at Lapangan Banteng

A brief visit in the searing Jakartan heat to Lapangan Banteng was a new and slightly strange experience for me…. after entering and walking through a beautiful section of native plants and colourful tropical flowers, which made me momentarily wish for a garden of my very own (the reality is I would kill the plants […] Read more »