100 Days of Happiness – Day 22

Another day, another new experience in Indonesia.. Putra left home at 4.30am to go shooting Gamma1’s video clip in Cibubur and although Samudra was awake within seconds of his bapak leaving, we didn’t go to join him until later in the morning.  Putra had mentioned that it would be filmed in a large house in Cibubur so you can imagine my surprise when Samudra and I arrived in a taxi to this massive housing estate and were greeted with the Statue of Liberty and other iconic replicas from the around the world along a lush tree lined street.  One minute it looked like we were in Paris, and the next, somewhere completely different.  We came upon signs for Madrid, Norway, Japan, San Fransisco etc and every section had houses typical of the country they were representing.  We had entered a ‘mini world’ on the outskirts of Jakarta! BIZARRE!

The houses here were HUGE and once the taxi dropped us off in ‘Boston’ and Putra was still in a different location filming, I went for a walk with Samudra to check out this crazy place.  The women cleaning the streets and security guards all asked us where we were from, where were we going and why were we walking around.. I broke into a heavy sweat within minutes as it was incredibly hot and ended up turning around after spinning out at some seriously massive chinese character statues at the entrance to one house.  What is this place? I can’t tell if it would be a really cool place to go back and check out again, or if I was just in shock from arriving somewhere completely unexpected that I had never heard of before.

Samudra was surrounded by people once again, all wanting to hold him and have photos with him and he was smiling and so happy, he really is such a sweet little boy and we are truly blessed.  I am also so proud of Putra, I love seeing him work and then seeing his final product.. he always captures everything so beautifully and I can’t wait to see this clip once it is finished.

I hope you all had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 22: Samudra having another social day. Happiness.

Day 22: Funny transport full of happy passengers. Happiness.

Day 22: Samudra showing his bapak how to work the camera. Happiness.

Day 22: Watching Putra film Gamma1’s video clip. Happiness.

Day 22: Hot and Sweaty! I adore this little being. Happiness.

Day 22: Quick sale! Thank goodness this is not my house! Happiness.