The Hunt for Merdeka – Part 1

As I drive around the jam packed streets of Jakarta seeing babies on bikes without helmets, little kids picking up the trash, old ladies with bowls begging for a few rupiah, barefoot workmen digging up the roads, men pulling wooden rubbish carts with their family inside amongst the rubbish, shimmering mosques lining the streets, groups […] Read more »

Dita Von Teese for L’OREAL Melbourne Fashion Week

While Treen is back in Jakarta soaking up the chaos and eating delicious food, I am in Melbourne for Fashion Week so wanted to share a couple of images of Dita Von Teese who released her latest Von Follies lingerie line for Target stores today… If anyone is visiting Melbourne this week, head to Central […] Read more »

Cikini Street Exhibition – Galeri Jalanan Bau Tanah

Last weekend we went to see the Cikini Street Exhibition named Galeri Jalanan Bau Tanah.  Set up by a group of professional and amateur photographers, this exhibition aimed to show people across Indonesia who are looking after the environment using traditional methods, and the changes that are taking place.  Unfortunately it was raining when we […] Read more »