The Circus of Dreams

Last year I was fortunate to learn about and attend the 7th Annual Community Circus of the Red Nose Foundation, or Yayasan Hidung Merah, which is a fantastic non-profit arts and education outreach organisation based in Jakarta. All the students of the foundation reside in the slum areas of Cilincing, North Jakarta, or Jurangmangu Timur, […] Read more »

Hellofest Anima Expo

It’s so difficult to find time for our little family to hang out these days as Putra is so busy with work 7 days a week, so it was a treat that we could spend yesterday together at Hellofest Anima Expo in Senayan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we entered […] Read more »

Back to Play Dates..

Yesterday was the first Monday in what feels like months, that I was actually free to catch up again with the Yummy Mummies Playgroup in Senayan. It’s been a little hectic for everyone the past few weeks and there’s always Whatsapp messages making and rescheduling plans and I feel sad every time we miss out […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 – Day 2

Day 2 of JFW and Putra packed up Samudra and some bathers and headed to PIM for lunch and a swim with Samudra and all the family, and I packed my camera and caught a taxi back to Senayan City for more shows in the afternoon. Again, I will only show a few photos to […] Read more »

Angkat Raketmu at Citos

Last Friday we spent a full and fun day at Citos for the Coca Cola Angkat Raketmu (Raise Your Racket) event. Over the past year Coca Cola has refurbished 16 badminton courts in 7 cities across Java in the hope of getting people to raise their rackets and get back into playing badminton. In 2014/2015 […] Read more »

Cooling off at Pondok Indah Water Park

Hello again! It’s been quiet here in the land of We Love Jakarta after the site was overtaken by little gremlins and spam, forcing the site to close down temporarily.  The biggest thanks ever goes to my dear friend and travelling nomad, James Clark (, for always coming to the rescue when I need help […] Read more »

Popcon Asia 2014

Last Sunday was the final day of Popcon Asia 2014 (Popular Culture Convention) held at the SMESCO Convention Centre. I had been really looking forward to it after hearing about it from my friend Eric ( as he had a booth set up for the event. As soon as the lift doors opened, we were […] Read more »

Yummy Mummies and Adorable Animals..

I couldn’t resist a second post for today going through my photos from last Monday’s Yummy Mummy Playgroup in Senayan. The theme chosen for the day was ‘animals’, and can I tell you it was tricky trying to find an appropriate costume in Jakarta to fit Samudra.. I finally came across a little yellow cat […] Read more »