Brightspot Market returns to Grand Indonesia

HELLO JAKARTA!!! I realise it’s already March now and it’s been way too long between postings… Life since November has taken on all sorts of twists and turns and it’s been a complete lifestyle change for me – at least temporarily! There’s been no more of all the things that defined my life in Jakarta – ojeks, sampoerna mild, photo hunting every single day, events, events and more events, drinks in my fav watering holes, spending hours and hours in smoky cafes sipping on iced lemon tea and designing…. it’s turned into a stay in hospital, lots of visits to doctors, spending weeks on end in bed and watching every single new release dvd possible… I have watched a lifetime of dvd’s since the start of this year – let me know if you need recommendations – ha!

Finally I have been capable of getting out of bed and one of the first things I attended and couldn’t miss as always, was Brightspot Market.. I always love checking out these markets and seeing what all the creative kids of Jakarta have been up to design wise and it always leaves me feeling fulfilled and very inspired…. and I filled up on super delicious cupcakes again which is always a good thing..  It was great to see the market return to Grand Indonesia again and although I only made it to the last day, it was still jam packed with people and I am looking foward to the next one already!

So… HAPPY 2013 to everyone, I wish you all a healthy and successful year, filled with adventures and fun memories and will try to get out more once again and explore all this hustling city has to offer…


Brightspot Market_Jakarta_Grand Indonesia_Happy Go Lucky Sign

Welcome to Brightspot!

Brightspot Market_Jakarta_Grand Indonesia_2013

Watch Tins – there was a competition to paint the best tins – some were pretty amazing but I missed seeing the winner..

Incredibly colourful fluro clothes by Justify – I loved their booth wall decoration!

Brightspot Market_Grand Indonesia_Jakarta_2013

Colourful clown wandering around the markets…

Brightspot Market_Grand Indonesia_Jakarta_2013

Such a cool setting for the markets at Grand Indo – bright lights, colour, incredibly talented people and a big crowd as always..

Brightspot Market_Grand Indonesia_2013_Jakarta

Your everafter is all I’m after… Last minute bargains on the last day of Brightspot

Brightspot Market_Grand Indonesia_Jakarta_2013

Inksomnia seemed a popular choice..

Grand Indonesia_Brightspot Market_2013_Jakarta_New Baby Foxy

Super cute baby clothes! I wanted them all….

Brightspot Market_Grand Indonesia_Jakarta_2013_Brightspot Sign

Bye Brightspot! Thanks for another awesome event – I look forward to the next one as always..








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  1. Kaho says:

    I was there, too! I looooove Brightspot Market. I miss it now I’m away from Jakarta!!

    • welovejakarta says:

      Hey Kaho! How are you?? How did the move go? I hope you are all settled into your new environment.. I’m sad we never got to meet while we were both here in Jakarta. I hope you’re having a wonderful time 🙂

      • Kaho says:

        I’m sad, too!! I think it would’ve been so fun!! We’re settling down in Mumbai fine. A lot of things take a loooong time to get done. I love Mumbai, but I also miss many things in Jakarta. I hope you’re doing well!

        • welovejakarta says:

          Oooooh you should be used to jam karet from Indonesia and so hopefully it’s not too frustrating waiting for things to get done. I’m sure Mumbai is a wonderful, crazy city too and it will take a little time to find your feet there.. but it’s going to be yet another amazing adventure for you and your beautiful family. Let us know if you ever come back to Jakarta for a visit 🙂