Popcon Asia 2014

Last Sunday was the final day of Popcon Asia 2014 (Popular Culture Convention) held at the SMESCO Convention Centre. I had been really looking forward to it after hearing about it from my friend Eric (thespacewanderer.com) as he had a booth set up for the event. As soon as the lift doors opened, we were […] Read more »

Yummy Mummies and Adorable Animals..

I couldn’t resist a second post for today going through my photos from last Monday’s Yummy Mummy Playgroup in Senayan. The theme chosen for the day was ‘animals’, and can I tell you it was tricky trying to find an appropriate costume in Jakarta to fit Samudra.. I finally came across a little yellow cat […] Read more »

Boys Don’t Cry..

We were over the moon to receive a spontaneous visit from our dearest friends, Deasy, Tommy and Amaru last school holidays. It’s difficult to catch up these days as they live quite far away thanks to the macet (grrrr….) but seeing as it was the end of Ramadhan and the streets were car free, it […] Read more »