Being a Bule

Since I first came to Indonesia (and up until this point) I have been confused. Any time I walked around the streets of this city, or just took a stroll to the supermarket, strange things would happen. Apart from the cries of “hello mister” with my initial thought that maybe I was looking a bit […] Read more »

Art Summit Indonesia VI, 2010

I am a big fan of dance and tonight’s performance of “Rantau Berbisik” by Nanjombang Dance Company from Padang was absolutely divine.  The strength and control of these dancers was incredible and the stage lighting and costumes made it really special…. drumming on nappy pants too…. now I’m also a huge fan of that.. Share […] Read more »

Wow You Look Really Fat Today!

A confronting part about living in Indonesia is the Indonesian style of commenting on your appearance every time they see you; if you have a zit, if your bum looks big, if you have lost weight, or your new hairstyle makes you look “fresh”; if your face is red after too much sun, or you […] Read more »

Masuk Angin: Believe it or not?

When it comes to taking health advice from Indonesians, I have to admit, I have been a little skeptical. This comes from Indonesian friends telling me that Indonesian cigarettes are really healthy because they are made from herbs (not tar and nicotine), and from the constant cracking of bones every time an Indonesian stands up […] Read more »