Ayo, kita Buk-ber! Let’s break the fast together

Ramadan 2017_welovekakarta_we love jakarta_treen may

Having lived here for over 7 years, we have gone through a lot of Ramadhans.  Ramadhan is a time that really shakes up your existence in Jakarta as all of the things that you thought you had a handle on, now do a duck and weave and the city becomes almost incomprehensible again.  The traffic […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 33

Samudra and I met up with my friend Alonda today at Ragusa Ice-cream and it was the perfect day for it as it was so hot and sticky outside.  I haven’t visited Ragusa for such a long time, but it’s still as popular as ever with long queues of people waiting for seats and the […] Read more »

Anatman Pictures

As I didn’t get a chance to capture much of todays happiness in Jakarta, I thought I would share some stunning images shot around picturesque Indonesia by my super talented and beautiful sayang, Putra. He has recently started his new company, Anatman Pictures, which specialises in documentary film making. Anatman is a sanskrit word which means […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 3

OK! So things got a little hectic yesterday and by the time I got home last night and a chance to get to my computer it was already today, so thought I would wait until this morning to post yesterdays happiness. We headed in to Ratu Plaza for a quick new release dvd fix as […] Read more »

Holi Hai Festival

It was great to get back to JIExpo Kemayoran for another year to celebrate the beginning of Spring at Holi Hai, the Hindu ‘Festival of Colours’. The laughter and happiness was infectious as soon as we arrived and got bombarded by kids with handfuls of colour.. There was no way we could sit back and […] Read more »

Batak Documentary Premiere!

I want to tell the world just how proud I am of Mahatma Putra for his Batak documentary – it’s been a fun journey and finally the premiere is nearly here!! For anyone in Jakarta on 20 December, please join us for the screening and photo exhibition at 7.30pm at: Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara Jl […] Read more »

We Love Jakarta – EPISODE 2 – Selamat Idul Fitri

Welcome to Jakarta! This is the second episode about our adventures in this crazy city… In this episode, Putra and I visit Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta to watch the morning prayer (Sholat Ied) to celebrate Idul Fitri. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri!!! Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin!!! Share on Facebook Read more »

Festival Indonesia in Australia

If you are in Melbourne this September, make sure you head down to Queensbridge Square for a taste of all things Indonesian..  There will be traditional food, cultural performances, fashion shows and much more!  Indonesia’s youngest designer, Rafi Ridwan, will also be participating in the Fashion Shows on the 22 and 23rd September, showcasing a […] Read more »

Selamat Idul Fitri at Sunda Kelapa

Waiting for prayers to start at Sunda Kelapa in the early morning It seems that there is always a cause for celebration here in Jakarta, and the night before Idul Fitri has to be one of the biggest street parties I have ever seen here.  There was excitement in the air as the sounds of […] Read more »