Roller Boogie at Blok M Square

A huge thank you to Cipta and the crew at goodguysneverwin toy co. for the super fun night at Blok M Square 80’s Roller Boogie…  The theme was 1986 and the music took me back to my youth, the outfits made me laugh, and the dance moves were hysterical as we skated for hours around the rink…  amazingly I managed to stay upright all night but saw some spectacular crashes… Stay tuned for our WLJ Episode 3 coming soon for a look at the expats and locals having a rad time at Blok M!

Early in the evening at the Roller disco

A fun night for kids and adults.. next theme is Halloween!

Getting some speed up!

Putra skating and filming at the same time… I’m impressed!

Taking a break…

Me and Deasy, 1980’s style..

Giving my feet a break and learning some new moves 🙂

Article about the event in Jakarta Globe!