Where The Life is At

We love jakarta_tasha may_kids in jakarta_Selling toys in a kampung in Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta is a city full of collisions; collisions of culture, collisions of classes, collisions of religion, collisions of cars, it’s a wonder that it doesn’t descend into chaos more often.  The city is so multi layered, it can be almost as though you live on a different planet than someone who lives 50 metres from […] Read more »

Playparq Kemang

we love jakarta_playparq kemang_tasha may_jakarta with kids_jakarta indonesia

The end of April / beginning of May has to be the best time of the year in Indonesia with so many public holidays almost every week! It means I get to spend lots of time with Samudra, but it also means trying to find ways to have adventures without heading to the mall.  I […] Read more »

Green Love A’Fair – Earth Day Celebration

we love jakarta_green love a'fair 2017 jakarta_weekends in jakarta_jakarta with kids_picnic in jakarta

What do you do when it’s been almost 5 months since your last post? Do you continue to procrastinate and let your blog slowly disappear into oblivion, or do you decide to pick up again and start back where you left off? Even if it’s for no other reason than for me to keep a […] Read more »