It’s the weekend…what should I do?

It’s not always easy to find what to do in Jakarta.  There is a whole city heaving and waiting right at your fingertips, but sometimes you can be at a loss of what to do and with the heat and the traffic and pollution you may feel a little lazy and end up at the […] Read more »

Anyone for some sate kambing?

So last night I met up with my friends Irma and Pandu, a couple of romantics who love to cruise around Jakarta eating delicious things and finding new flavours; no distance is too far, not even macet total will stop them on the hunt for food.  They took me to this hilarious place near the […] Read more »

Fun Without Alcohol; Jakarta Style

Today when I left my house and walked out onto the street I heard the sound of someone singing out of tune in a microphone…no it wasn’t the mosque, it was Karaoke Kelinging (sorry about spelling).  I don’t know much about this phenomenon but it involves a VW kombi van, a small stage, very loud […] Read more »