One Fine Sunday… Taman Suropati, Menteng

Another early morning and Putra left for filming in Kelapa Gading at 5.00am so I was wide awake and wondering what to do for entertainment with Samudra on a Sunday.  I wasn’t feeling energised enough to make the long walk for Car Free Day but decided we would head to Taman Suropati so Samudra could get back out in nature again on this beautiful day.

By the time we had eaten and showered it was 6.30am, still early, but we headed off to the park in a taxi to beat the morning heat.  Again, once we arrived it was already busy with children running around and chasing bubbles, a band playing music with a singer who looked no older than 10, birds flying around, the water fountains splashing water and catching the suns rays creating beautiful rainbows, and laughter all around us.

I sat on a bench to put Samudra’s hat on and two seconds later we were asked to be in some people’s photos, then we were joined by a lovely mum, dad, and their little boy Heru who was only two months older than Samudra.  The boys ended up crawling around on the grass and playing ball until we were asked to move off the grass (ooops!), and then were joined by another family and their son Gabriel.  It’s very easy to meet people with a baby here and so we spent an hour chatting and playing before the two families had to leave, and Samudra and I ended up sneakily having a breakfast picnic of tofu under a tree on the grass at the edge of the park, where the gardener couldn’t see us.  We played some more before the students and teachers of Taman Suropati Chamber arrived.  I was really hoping to see Ages and his lovely wife Yasminka, who run TSC, but it was getting too hot and Samudra was getting restless and tired, so we only stayed to watch a couple of songs as they practised for their big upcoming concert, before we walked off to find a taxi home.  It was unbearably stifling by the time we finally hailed a cab and both ended up having a nap when we got home.

In the afternoon we went for a little walk around the complex and met some of the boys from the neighbourhood and a lovely mum and her baby that apparently live in the next street up.

It ended up being a super fun day of meeting people, playing and relaxing which was the perfect way to end yet another week.  Time really does fly by way too quickly!

I hope you all had a beautiful week too wherever in the world you are.


Very sweet little boy, Gabriel, at Taman Suropati


Playing with the ball on the grass with Heru…


..and then…. No you can’t play with my ball!


Taman Suropati Chamber in the park.. students learning from Hendra… I love Sundays!


Sony giving guitar lessons in the park


Showing off for the camera in the afternoon sunlight


Another beautiful mum and a new friend for Samudra


Local boys… love them!