Pejaten Performers

Every year, students from the Australian International School in Pejaten (AIS Pejaten) hold an art exhibition and theatre production for parents and fellow students at the prestigious TIM in Cikini, which I have attended for the past two years, thanks to my beautiful sister Treen being one of the many teachers who dedicates their time to the shows success.

Delicious food is provided by both the school and parents before the actual show, and it gives everyone a chance to socialise and view the art exhibition, and it’s a time for the youngsters to fill the auditorium with excited giggles and nerves as they prepare to both perform and watch their friends up on stage.

The ‘Pejaten Performers’ is a very talented group of students who dance, sing, act, play instruments and put on an entertaining performance to end the semester before the mid year school break. The show also usually involves a couple of students and teachers who will be leaving the school to relocate to another country, as is the life of an expat in Jakarta, so the finale is both a happy and emotional time for those involved.

Most students appear in a number of performances and both the students and teachers involved dedicate many hours of preparation before the show, and the result is always very touching.  I loved to see the traditional Korean and Indian dances and also the more modern dancers of the gorgeous Korean girls strutting their stuff up on stage, and also the amusing play which received many laughs throughout, and I was in hysterics to watch them finish by shuffling together!

Being very shy by nature myself, the confidence these students show up on stage always leaves me awestruck. Not only can they sing like angels, they can play a range of instruments beautifully, and leave us laughing after their theatrical play, and not to mention their exceptional talent as artists also.

I would like to extend my congratulations to not only to the students, but to the wonderful teachers at AIS whose passion and dedication shone brightly during this show as always.

Beautiful colours on stage during the Korean Fan Dance by students and their teacher

More amazing talent shown by one of the Korean students

Another student with a lovely voice!

Performing a traditional Indian dance

So much talent at AIS..

A light hearted and funny play about two girls wanting to find out if they are smart or not..

Such beautiful girls and appearing so mature for their age up on stage

A very confident performance which involved a walk out to the audience – very entertaining!

Very sweet violin players

Singing Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Beautiful’ and sounding like an angel despite being in recovery from laryngitus

Gorgeous Korean girls dancing on stage

Happiness at the finale. Another year, another successful show..