A Visit to Bantar Gebang Landfill School, Bekasi

  This is the second year that Treen has been teaching her students about poverty and taking them on a field trip to the dumpsite to show them first hand the conditions that some people must live and work in here in Jakarta, and also to raise money to donate to the students who attend […] Read more »

Batak Documentary Premiere!

I want to tell the world just how proud I am of Mahatma Putra for his Batak documentary – it’s been a fun journey and finally the premiere is nearly here!! For anyone in Jakarta on 20 December, please join us for the screening and photo exhibition at 7.30pm at: Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara Jl […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Albert Yanuar

Oh these clothes were beautiful too… and came with a twist at the end of the show…. as the models stood in their beautiful dresses, they suddenly pulled at the bottom halves of their outfits and they transformed into beautiful jackets! AMAZING…. loved this…..   Share on Facebook Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Barli Asmara

WOW!!! I was super surprised by this show and absolutely LOVED IT!!! I loved the beautiful bright colours, the beading, the gorgeous tribal inspired prints and clothes.. and now I desperately want to go to Kalimantan where the inspiration for these designs came from. Beautiful! I want one of those amazing bags too to carry […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Jeffry Tan

Jeffry Tan presented his ‘LUNA’, Spring Summer 2013 collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. Inspired by his clientele of women with poise, polish and sophistication but young at heart. The theme was carried through by the Japanese Manga created artist Naoko Takeuchi, and the story of magic powerful young women fighting evil. Jeffry highlighted the […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Major Minor

Major Minor was established in 2011 and their range is made by putting together a mixture of modern art, colour, current fashion as well as cutting edge fashion in each concept.  Their core philosophy is “exciting and quirky, but  ready to wear signature clothing at an affordable price”. Their theme for this year was named […] Read more »