Orphans at the Ridwan’s

Every so often you meet people that make a big impact on your life and make you see life from a new and fresh perspective.  The Ridwan family have been incredibly generous with their kindness not only to me, but to many people that surround them.  Rafi is always thinking of others and how he can help to make their lives better as so many people have been there to support him through his ups and downs.

Each month, Rafi and his family buy meals and distribute them to people living on the street and they also support the orphans living in their community by praying together, providing them with a meal and donation and I was blessed yet again to meet these children on a visit to the Ridwan’s home last month.

Nothing beats seeing the smile on a small child’s face and knowing that Rafi and his family are really looking after those less fortunate and providing inspiration to young children in Jakarta is incredibly touching for me.

Orphans at the Ridwan’s home

After praying and eating together, Rafi hands out a donation to the children

Sharing the love

More beautiful faces

Rafi and his family at home with their incredibly special community

Saying goodbye for the morning


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