Motor Motor Cinta

Here in Jakarta where public displays of affection are not widely accepted it is very unusual to see anyone holding hands or sharing an intimate moment with their husband/wife/lover.  In Australia, especially during the warmers summer months, the parks are filled with young love, and the streets are filled with happiness as couples stroll hand […] Read more »

Antasari Flyover in South Jakarta

I have been watching the construction of the new Antasari Flyover for several months now in South Jakarta.  I have watched in awe as the beams were erected and the workers were lit up in the night sky standing on metail railings.  Coming from Australia where Work Safety practices mean that there are standards to […] Read more »

Setu Babakan (Small Lake Babakan), Jagakarsa

Setu Babakan is located on Jalan Babakan Kelurahan, Srengseng Sawah, Sub-district of Jagakarsa, Municipality of South Jakarta, Indonesia near Depok. The 32 hectare lake is surrounded by the Betawi Cultural Village, which is an area devoted to the preservation of the indigenous Betawi culture. Due to us visiting during Ramadhan when most of Jakarta is […] Read more »