100 Days of Happiness – Day 32

Woo hoo! finally some sleep last night and a mini sleep in… must be having no bapak snoring that made Samudra and I sleep soundly – ha! Wishing we were in Bali with him today though.. After a lazy morning playing we met up with Treen and went off to Blok M… it seems that […] Read more »

Antasari Flyover in South Jakarta

I have been watching the construction of the new Antasari Flyover for several months now in South Jakarta.  I have watched in awe as the beams were erected and the workers were lit up in the night sky standing on metail railings.  Coming from Australia where Work Safety practices mean that there are standards to […] Read more »

Ramadhan Fashion Show at Pasaraya, Blok M

Pasaraya Mall in Blok M has been host to special Ramadhan Fashion Shows over the past few days and I attended two shows on August 9 which showed the colourful creations of the following designers: Oky Wong / Nunik Mawardi / Nefrin Fadlan / Lisa Reza / Rudy Chandra / Ali Charisma / Agnes Budhisurya […] Read more »