100 Days of Happiness – Day 81

Happy Easter Weekend to everyone! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and still I haven’t seen a single chocolate egg for sale in Jakarta.. looks like the Easter Bunny will be missing our house, not that it matters as I have a chocolate fix everyday anyway. Today started with a lazy morning playing at home with Samudra, […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 3

OK! So things got a little hectic yesterday and by the time I got home last night and a chance to get to my computer it was already today, so thought I would wait until this morning to post yesterdays happiness. We headed in to Ratu Plaza for a quick new release dvd fix as […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Jeffry Tan

Jeffry Tan presented his ‘LUNA’, Spring Summer 2013 collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. Inspired by his clientele of women with poise, polish and sophistication but young at heart. The theme was carried through by the Japanese Manga created artist Naoko Takeuchi, and the story of magic powerful young women fighting evil. Jeffry highlighted the […] Read more »

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013_Day 7_Fashion Forward_Major Minor

Major Minor was established in 2011 and their range is made by putting together a mixture of modern art, colour, current fashion as well as cutting edge fashion in each concept.  Their core philosophy is “exciting and quirky, but  ready to wear signature clothing at an affordable price”. Their theme for this year was named […] Read more »