100 Days of Happiness – Day 3

OK! So things got a little hectic yesterday and by the time I got home last night and a chance to get to my computer it was already today, so thought I would wait until this morning to post yesterdays happiness.

We headed in to Ratu Plaza for a quick new release dvd fix as I love watching dvd’s after putting Samudra to bed and I have a rapidly growing collection – when you can buy around 15+ dvd’s in Jakarta for the price of only 1 in Melbourne you can’t help but go a little overboard.

Next it was a very quick stop at Plaza Senayan to try and see the Dragon Dance for Chinese New Year… There were so many people there that although we are taller than the average Indonesian, I still couldn’t get a good view, but it was LOUD and it was FUN to see the dancers jumping around the stage.

Delicious snacks followed at the cafe alleyway outside Plaza Senayan before heading to Eastern Promise to congratulate Erin and Mark on their impending marriage.  Never before have I gone to a pub and spent the whole time in a kids play room – but this is life with a new baby and a smokey pub inside. Happiness.

Hope you all had a fun day too and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Wishing you good health and success in the Year of The Horse.

Day 03:  Very early morning and Samudra chewing on his hilarious dummy while resting on his sleeping bapak. Happiness.

Day 03:  Gong Xi Gong Xi. Ang pao ang pao.. Happy New Year Dragon Dance at Plaza Senayan. Happiness.

Day 03:  Cool cafe strip outside Plaza Senayan with delicious food. Happiness.

Day 03:  Being able to buy all the latest New Release movies super cheap. Happiness.