Treen & Tri tie the knot!

OK.. so this technically didn’t happen ‘in’ Jakarta.. but it’s all thanks to Jakarta that December held an extra super special occasion for us… Treen and Tri got married – YIPPPPPEEEEEE!! Who would have thought back when we started this blog in 2010, still struggling to find our way through this city and with the […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 67

What a lovely day! I was so happy to wake up and know that it was Saturday and that I could spend the whole day with Samudra again.. when suddenly Iyah came into the room and took him away from me! I was completely confused as it was only 8.00am and we had been happily […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 5

Yet again I was home too late last night to be able to post my day’s happiness, so I have to post it a day late again. I have been to many weddings during my time in Indonesia, most of them I had never met the bride and groom before, but was taken along as […] Read more »