100 Days of Happiness – Day 81

Happy Easter Weekend to everyone! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and still I haven’t seen a single chocolate egg for sale in Jakarta.. looks like the Easter Bunny will be missing our house, not that it matters as I have a chocolate fix everyday anyway.

Today started with a lazy morning playing at home with Samudra, before we headed over to pick up Treen to go to Plaza Senayan for lunch and to go to the cinema.  Putra left us to go for a meeting so we met up with Talisa and Claire at Marche for some delicious food.  I don’t know if it’s just the lighting in these stores, but everything looks so fresh and bright and inviting that it makes me want to eat everything! There is so much choice, from meats, baked potatoes, soups, pasta, pizza, cakes, bread, salads, fresh juice so it’s always confusing what to order as it all looks so good.  I love the interior of these restaurants, like a wooden cabin out in the Swiss alps, complete with enclosed glass ski lift cabins to eat in, a HUGE screen showing footage of the snowy slopes, and woven baskets hanging from the ceiling.  I settled for a mushroom and vegetable crepe which was mouth watering and shared a plate of watermelon with Samudra… I didn’t dare venture to the cake section as I wouldn’t have been able to resist its sweetness.

With full bellies, we headed across the hallway to the cinema to watch Jalanan again! I was so excited to be seeing it again although I had only watched it a short while ago and this time Samudra would be joining us and I wasn’t sure he would make it through a whole movie without crying or being noisey.  He actually slept through most of it, only waking to laugh and jump up and down in excitement on my lap as I think he loved the music in this documentary. I ended up in tears again as the film finished, and so did Treen.  Super emotional sisters! but it’s a great movie and yet again I recommend going to see it.

We had a quick stop outside in the enclosed cafe strip for some drinks and met up with Putra again before he drove us over to Joglo Beer in Kemang where he was meeting some friends.  Treen stopped in for a quick drink and I left not long after her after walking through the second hand market that was in a building next to Joglo Beer, and walking around to show Samudra the fish before he was ready to go home to bed. A delicious and happy day overall.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 81: Mad Hatters Tea Party at Plaza Senayan. Happiness.

Day 81: With Talisa and Claire in the garden. Happiness.

Day 81: Love you bubba! Happiness.