100 Days of Happiness – Day 17

February 14 has come and gone and this time I am VERY late with my post, but I haven’t had a chance at all to get to my computer until now.  I hope you all had a beautiful Valentines Day, whatever it means to you (if at all anything), and that each and every day […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 8

Is someone messing with the clocks these days? I seem to be losing time and my to-do lists are getting longer by the minute and the days and nights disappear so quickly.  Samudra was up screaming last night and so when my alarm went off this morning it felt like I had closed my eyes […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 7

Ah, it’s 10.34pm, my beautiful baby boy is finally sleeping peacefully (for now..) and I have the chance to get back to my computer to upload snapshots from today. This morning I had an appointment in  Jalan Benda in Kemang, and seeing as I had a spare 25 minutes to wait once I arrived, I […] Read more »

Festival Palang Pintu “Jakarta Punya Gaye” – Jakarta Selatan

I love festivals in Indonesia and the past two weeks have been filled with celebrations throughout the city which has made for some great people watching, lots of laughs and a great dose of Indonesian culture!  Last weekend was the Kemang Street Festival and Jl. Kemang Raya was blocked from car and motorbike traffic and […] Read more »

Matajiwa at Kedai Cafe, Kemang

What a surprise to go to one of my favourite chilled out hang outs and actually see live music! It was such a treat to see Anda playing again and such a great mix of instruments – wind pipes, drums, didge and incredible vocals…. Can’t wait to see them playing again in the near future.. […] Read more »

Something Strange and Beautiful

Going to see music in Jakarta is often a community event.  The musicians never seem to take with them the attitudes of rock stars, rather they tend to play for the people.  Any song requests are accepted and attempted, any budding musicians can join the band, or steal the microphone for a whole set, with barely the […] Read more »

Mass Romantic at Largo Cafe, Kemang

I love the energy and music of this band!! Go check them out every Saturday night at Largo Cafe, Jl Benda, Kemang… …. and a HUGE THANK YOU to Adicumi Sastroputro for taking cool photos with my camera… apologies for giving you another assignment when you had just finished work… love them… thank you! Share […] Read more »