Something Strange and Beautiful

Going to see music in Jakarta is often a community event.  The musicians never seem to take with them the attitudes of rock stars, rather they tend to play for the people.  Any song requests are accepted and attempted, any budding musicians can join the band, or steal the microphone for a whole set, with barely the […] Read more »

Jakarta Blues Festival 2010

I have never really been a fan of Blues music until I got a proper taste for it at the Jakarta Blues Festival..... I stood in anticipation waiting for the first act and out came Syahrani. She is known to be a Jazz singer and a jazz musician, but when she took to the stage with one of Indonesia's guitar legends - Donny Suhendra - she gave proof to the public that she has blues in her veins! Syahrani is not only incredibly beautiful, she has the most amazing voice and energetic dance moves! She is the whole package!! Next on stage was Rama Satria & The Electric Mojos, with a a guest appearance by Lance Lopez.... now I am not a fan of screeching guitars and deafening noise.... but I have to admit, these guys were incredible!!!!!! Read more »