100 Days of Happiness – Day 8

Is someone messing with the clocks these days? I seem to be losing time and my to-do lists are getting longer by the minute and the days and nights disappear so quickly.  Samudra was up screaming last night and so when my alarm went off this morning it felt like I had closed my eyes for only 10 minutes, but I opened them to see him fast asleep and looking peaceful at last and it made me smile to start the day.

We caught up with Ayu in the morning, the gorgeous and lovely owner of ‘Strawberry Patch’ at Lippo Mall – she is so creative and makes beautiful and colourful toys and bits and pieces for kids.  I have one of her elephant pillows which I used throughout my pregnancy to rest my big belly on when trying to sleep, and now Samudra cuddles up to it and chews on it’s trunk every night!  Today he received a gorgeous outfit from Ayu and the top has an elephant patchwork on it! Perfect!

This afternoon I took Samudra for a walk around the complex again, but this time I decided to take a different route as we always seem to do the same circle around the block to the park.  I was reminded just why I fell in love with Jakarta all over again.  There were people all out on the streets, men and teenage boys nongkrong and smoking cigarettes,  women rocking babies in their slings, kids squealing while riding their bikes, chickens pecking at the road, what sounded like children screaming afternoon prayers from the mosque speakers, old men pulling rubbish carts and everyone was so friendly and happy and wanted to come over and say hello.  I must remember to take new routes more often for more pockets of unexpected happiness.

I hope you had a happy day wherever you are in the world.

Day 08: Samudra getting a cuddle from Ayu at Starbucks at Lippo Mall, Kemang. Happiness.

Day 08: We were leaving Lippo Mall when Samudra fell asleep so we managed a very quick detour to Market Bar for spaghetti pesto and a lime juice.. enak! Happiness.

Day 08: I heard squealing voices and the next minute I saw this Kereta Mini come around the corner as it had just dropped off a load of kids in the complex. By the time I got my camera up it was almost too late.. bad shot, but Happiness.

Day 08: This gorgeous little boy came running over to us to tell me Samudra is lucu banget (cute). Happiness.

Day 08: One of the many gorgeous little babies we met on our walk today. Happiness.

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  1. Ayu says:

    Samudra was not happy getting a cuddle from a total stranger! Hahaha…