Monday Yummy Mummies Play Date

So it’s been very early starts since we returned to Jakarta, with Samudra back to waking in the wee hours and ready to play, which has meant that Putra and I have been up as the sun rises to take Samudra for walks around the complex together.  It’s a miracle to see Putra walking anywhere so it’s been great to get up and be motivated together before the days become full and crazy trying to organise everything for us to move house this week.  I am certainly going to miss seeing all the beautiful familiar faces of this complex on a daily basis, but hopefully we can find some new friends also in the new neighbourhood.

This morning was the first meet up of a group of lovely mum’s and toddlers in Senayan, and seeing as Samudra and I made it there in miracle time minus unbearable traffic early in the morning, we took a walk around the lush surroundings of mansions and trees and met some lovely people out in the street.

It was a really fun morning catching up with the mum’s and having a song circle with the kids (Samudra decided to start crying as soon as we did this!), then morning tea and a play outdoors in the grass on the slides and in the sandpit.  Our lovely host Sarah has the best house for entertaining young ones, with so many toys and a great yard for being outside, shaded from the heat of the sun.  In Jakarta it’s really tricky to find any outdoor areas to play in, let alone play areas that you don’t need to pay for which area mostly located inside all the malls, so it’s always fun to get together at people’s houses where it’s more relaxed and a little less hectic.

Thank you for a beautiful start to the week and now time to get back to packing!


Samudra meeting super cute Zoe for the first time


Ash and Carlton at morning tea


What a bunch of cuties.. What are you doing Samudra?


Ash the explorer in the garden


What a great space for the kids..


Samudra and Carlton at the sandpit


Milady was all smiles!


Catch me mummy!


Carlton and Vicky enjoying the slide