Carniville at Grand Indonesia

In between packing I decided to clean up my desktop and found these photos from the end of Ramadhan when my dearest friend Ulet came to Jakarta for a holiday from Jogja with his gorgeous family. Ulet was one of the first people I met when I first arrived in Jakarta in 2009, at Jakarta Fashion Week, and he has been a great friend ever since, and I am so happy that we also have little boys around the same age.

Where to go on a steaming hot day in Jakarta near the centre of the city to entertain three little boys? Well, we decided to not venture too far and headed to Grand Indonesia to ‘Carniville’, in the East Mall Level 3A, which was a complete sensory overload for the kids. It was pretty busy there and lots of noise coming from all the amusement rides and not to mention excited children running around.  They have a carousel, jumping camel, mini ferris wheel, dodge ’em cars, train, air carriages, row boats and a small play area, all of which can be accessed with the pay-per-ride with a FunWorld card.

The boys were excited and went on a few rides, before we stopped and headed upstairs for lunch, only to be followed by a return to Carniville again for them to run and crawl around in the play area. Needless to say they were all fast asleep in the car 5 minutes after leaving on the way home again.

Another funny day in Jakarta and great to catch up with awesome friends and kids.


Gorgeous Lava testing if he’s tall enough to go on the rides..


Hara and Samudra waiting patiently for their turn on the train


Watching the train on the tracks..


Such a super sweet boy!


Our turn at last!


Lava on the carousel


Hara enjoying his ride too


Pita with her beautiful boys