Boys Don’t Cry..

We were over the moon to receive a spontaneous visit from our dearest friends, Deasy, Tommy and Amaru last school holidays. It’s difficult to catch up these days as they live quite far away thanks to the macet (grrrr….) but seeing as it was the end of Ramadhan and the streets were car free, it was a much easier drive for them and it was awesome to see the kids together now they’re that little bit bigger and able to interact (well, sort of!).

Amaru is surrounded by music at his home as his dad is a musician and band manager and his mum has a beautiful voice and it must be a lovely way to grow up. Samudra loves to make noise and dance whenever there is even the faintest sound of music around, so we decided that when they grow up they can start a band together and call themselves ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (both babies have proven that this is NOT true and boys DO cry…. alot!). Amaru gave Samudra a drum on this visit and he was loving banging on it and making such a racket. Oh how I miss the days of hanging out around Jakarta watching awesome live bands with Deasy and Tom while having a drink and a big sing along, but this phase of life is also amazing fun too and I’m glad we are experiencing it together.

After their visit Putra and I took Samudra over to Pejaten Village for a ride around the mall in the train. He was loving waving to everyone and having a great time while I sat beside him in the little carriage.

It was a beautiful day overall and we look forward to the next school holidays for more visits!


Amaru giving Samudra a new drum to make more noise.. yah!


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Taking a ride on Samudra’s new bike and loving it


Ummmmmm way too much cuteness here..


With my beautiful friend Deasy and our lovely boys


Taking a train ride in Pejaten Village mall.. toot toot!