Super Car Free Sunday and a Dose of Art

How can it be Friday afternoon again already? I promised myself I would get up to date with photos and posts throughout the week and have so managed to post zilch, nil, nada, NOTHING… so it’s almost the weekend again, but before it officially is, I will share some photos from last Sunday at Car Free Day.  Last time Samudra and I went to Jl. Sudirman on a Sunday it was still Ramadhan and the streets were virtually people free.. this time they were back to normal with people in their thousands fighting for some space on the road to ride bikes, jog, walk, and soak in the atmosphere.  This time we were joined by Putra too as he wanted to rake in some steps on his new UP Jawbone step counter.. me too! Considering how much walking I was doing at one stage, I seem to be falling rapidly behind with so many visits to playgroups etc.. so time to get out and about and get healthy again.

So it was fun to be out in the hustle and bustle again today and Samudra was mesmerised by the buskers on the side of the road, their violin and guitar playing seemed to put him in a trance and he was watching, occasionally dancing, and completely oblivious to people around taking photos of him as he sat in his pram.

After a quick trip to the mall, we met up with Treen in Pejaten and headed to the Korea-Asia 25th Anniversary, New Icon : Pop in Asia exhibition at Salihara.  Sunday was the closing day of the exhibition and I had been wanting to go for weeks just to see the monks on their tin phone painting up close.  It made me smile just as much as it had when I saw a picture on Facebook and I was happy to finally get a dose of Asian art as it’s been awhile, as I have spent weeks surrounded by kids.

It was a beautiful Sunday, and we even had a chance to spend the afternoon playing across the road in the grass outside our new abode.. Samudra seems to love it here and hopefully we’ll finally meet some toddlers around the area for him to play with soon.

Happy Friday everyone!


Samudra couldn’t stop watching the violin player


Super Samudra..


My favourite art installation at Salihara


Getting hyper with Aunty Treen


This painting makes me smile so much!


Checking out the animal origami installation


The Love Wall


Everyday Super Hero Indonesians


Fun in the park with bapak