Cikini Street Exhibition – Galeri Jalanan Bau Tanah

Brightening up the Cikini Train Station (photo by Tri Saputro)

The creative style of the Bau Tanah (photo by Tri Saputro)

Students enjoying the free workshop at the train station (photo by Tri Saputro)

Enjoying the images on a rainy day (photo by Tri Saputro)

Last weekend we went to see the Cikini Street Exhibition named Galeri Jalanan Bau Tanah.  Set up by a group of professional and amateur photographers, this exhibition aimed to show people across Indonesia who are looking after the environment using traditional methods, and the changes that are taking place.  Unfortunately it was raining when we got there so much of the exhibition had to be packed away, but in true Indonesian style, a little rain never stopped anything.

We were shown around by a young man who explained the event and then took us upstairs to show us a workshop that was going on at the train station, one of many that the group puts on to educate people for free.  At that time a photographer was explaining his trade as a group of enthusiasts engaged in his talk.

It was a reminder to me that people are doing great things in Indonesia – aiming for change, celebrating diversity, offering to educate people for free, to share knowledge and in this spirit, rain or no rain, the exhibition was a success.