Anyone for some sate kambing?

My lovely hosts Irma and Pandu choosing their meal

Just in case you were hungry for sate..

So last night I met up with my friends Irma and Pandu, a couple of romantics who love to cruise around Jakarta eating delicious things and finding new flavours; no distance is too far, not even macet total will stop them on the hunt for food.  They took me to this hilarious place near the University of Jakarta in Depok, Lenteng Agung, Jakarta’s own LA, albeit on the side of the highway and the train track, where you can buy fresh goat sate by the kilo.  You can see how fresh it is.

Plus on the side of the road, with the exhaust fumes of trucks, buses, cars and motorbikes acting as a spicey flavouring, was another goat being slowly cooked over the fire – kambing guling.  Enak.

Although I wish that Tash was there with her amazing camera and photography skills to take some close ups of the meat waiting in anticipation, I know that the sight of this goat would have caused a very hasty exit and some dry retching.

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  1. Bima says:

    Eh… I wouldn’t mind eating “the final product” without seeing “the original display”. I mean, I love sate kambing! Although I mostly order sate ayam these days due to my blood pressure–oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, be careful NOT to consume too much of sate kambing if you have high blood pressure.

    My Mom had a low blood pressure and 9 years ago she apparently ate too much of sate kambing at a kondangan (reception), her blood pressure sky-rocketed from 80 to 225 in just a night she finally collapsed and passed away. Honest-to-god no kidding here.

    Anyway, I don’t know why, but seeing the display made my brain replaced the hanging upside down goat meats with human bodies. Heheh. Korslet deh gw.

    Hope you had a fun night, Treen. The pictures are just fine.


    • welovejakarta says:

      Yes, I didn’t mind eating the final product either – but it was hard with the thought of those ‘bodies’ (i thought they looked a little human too) swinging on a hook.

      Many Indonesians have said the same thing about sate kambing, and I am so sorry to hear about your mother – that’s terrible.

      I wonder why it causes such a fast increase? I went to Morocco once and everyone there ate goat every day and told me it made them healthy – is there something in the sate process?

      I prefer chicken sate too.

  2. Bima says:

    Something in the making process. Could be. Something added and/or omitted in both processes. It might have something to do with geological reasons, as well. The combination of air, land, atmospheric conditions, certain genealogical factors that make them more adaptive to the food……

    Now, chickens. I know for sure even when seeing them hanging upside down my mind wouldn’t turn the images into something other than chickens. 🙂