100 Days of Happiness – Day 88

Every year I have looked forward to attending Inacraft, and every year something has happened and I have missed out on attending, so this year I was determined to make it there for opening day, mid week, to avoid the crowds.  Of course I never quite made it to that either, and instead found my […] Read more »

Fashion Design Competition at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Yesterday was the ‘Unlocking Potential’ show presented by Dulux for the Indonesian Fashion Design Competition 2014.  It was such a great mix of styling and colour by all contestants, who have worked incredibly hard to make it through the selection process with the first place going to Savira Lavina with her ‘Soldier Children Army’ parade. […] Read more »

100 Days of Happiness – Day 23

Day 23 certainly didn’t get off to the happiest of beginnings!  Samudra woke up so often last night crying it was craziness, every time I got up to cuddle and soothe him less than half an hour had passed since the last time.  As much as I love sleeping upstairs in the studio, it has […] Read more »

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 – Martha Ellen

Aaaaaaaaah, what can I say?? Martha Ellen… I’ve said it a million times over and I mean it.. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Who would have thought when we first met at Jakarta Fashion Week in 2009 that in 2013 you would be showing your own collection at Indonesia Fashion Week in 2013!!! Unfortunately […] Read more »

Indonesia Fashion Week – Anne Avantie & More..

This was my first time to attend Indonesia Fashion Week since living in Jakarta and I wish I had had the chance to attend the whole event, but circumstances left me attending only one show, which went for almost two hours! I have never been to a show that was longer than 40 minutes at […] Read more »