Setu Babakan (Small Lake Babakan), Jagakarsa

Setu Babakan is located on Jalan Babakan Kelurahan, Srengseng Sawah, Sub-district of Jagakarsa, Municipality of South Jakarta, Indonesia near Depok. The 32 hectare lake is surrounded by the Betawi Cultural Village, which is an area devoted to the preservation of the indigenous Betawi culture.

Due to us visiting during Ramadhan when most of Jakarta is shut down for the month of August, we arrived to find the site pretty much deserted apart from the fisherman and local children that live in the vicinity of the lake. It was still a lovely place to visit, quiet during this time and appearing worlds away from the hectic streets and traffic of Jakarta.

It would be a great place to visit after Ramadhan, with traditional dancing shows, food stalls and paddle boats to go around the river and see the net cages placed in the lake to breed different kinds of fish including carp and ornamental fish.

Paddle boats on the river... Rp 5,000 per ride

Sweet young local girl

Entertaining boys on a dinghy in the lake

Young boys fishing. There were plenty of fishermen surrounding the river but I never saw any catches!

Ice cream seller with the smallest ice creams ever! So cute!

Oh, you have to love Indonesian kids! So friendly and inquisitive...

What an angel...

The owner of this bike was so proud of it's 'American Style'... I have never seen an American bike with monkeys and a Barbie on it before... Or a teacup bell.. too funny..

Are you sure you're old enough to be riding that with so many passengers??

Nice catch! I did feel sorry for the lizards, although they kept the boys very entertained..