100 Days of Happiness – Day 68

I was woken this morning at 5.30am by Samudra’s cries so tapped Putra’s arm to ask if he was up for a Car Free Day walk and was shocked to hear him say yes so early in the morning! We didn’t manage to actually leave the house until after 7am, but once we arrived outside Ratu Plaza I was so happy that we had made the effort to go there as the place was buzzing with people and the sun was shining.  It was a slow walk for us this morning so it took us much longer than the usual hour to walk to Bundaran HI fountain, but it was fun along the way and we ended up carrying Samudra more than pushing him in the pram, until he eventually fell asleep due to the heat of the morning.

Today really felt like a festival due to the sheer amount of people that were actually out and about.  It seemed much busier than usual, with aerobics classes on the side of the street, thousands of bike riders, stalls on the side of the road and the fountain was full of people cooling down  around the edges as it was actually turned on for the first Sunday in a long time.

We were absolutely dripping in sweat by the time we made it to the fountain and Putra wanted to sit outside at a warung to eat but I couldn’t bare another second of sunshine, although I had originally wanted to continue on to Monas.  So we went inside Plaza Indonesia for a refreshing ice cold drink and I couldn’t help but feel ridiculous in there.  Outside were people begging on the streets and inside this mall there is nothing but designer shops like Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Prada, etc. Such a huge contrast between rich and poor exists in this country and it makes me crazy.  We had just given a man on the side of the road a half filled bottle of water to cool down in the heat and he was over the moon, and then we were in the mall and I was wondering who on earth could afford such luxury, and why on earth would anyone actually want to spend so much money on an item of clothing??? I guess for some people such amounts are just like small change, but seriously, I can’t justify clothing being so ridiculously expensive!

None of us could keep our eyes open when we made it back home again, so we all fell asleep half way through watching another episode of ‘Raising Hope’.. I so love this show and am happy Putra found some episodes we hadn’t seen before.

It was off to Rasa Raja again in the rain for dinner and ohmygoodness their food is mouth watering delicious for me! With full bellies and lots of giggles from Samudra it was the end to a great weekend and more happiness for us.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 68: Morning aerobics class in the shopping mall car park. Happiness.

Day 68: A quick pit stop at Taman Semanggi. Happiness.

Day 68: My favourite food.. tempe mendoan! Happiness.

Day 68: Since public affection is not allowed in Indonesia, I was SO HAPPY to see this!!! That’s LOVE. Happiness.

Day 68: My happiness.

Day 68: Good business. Getting paid to pump tires on Car Free Day. Happiness.

Day 68: Like me, Samudra is not really sure about this face mask for pollution! Happiness.

Day 68: Fun at Bundaran HI fountain. Happiness.

Day 68: Bubbles at the fountain. Happiness.

Day 68: I felt sorry for this horse in the heat on the road, but it was still so beautiful. Happiness.

Day 68: Taking his cool goat for a walk on Car Free Day.. love it! Happiness.

Day 68: Morning snacks of tofu balls. Happiness.