Tompi at Hard Rock Cafe

Today was the Press Release and Radio Launch Concert of Tompi’s album Tak Pernah Setengah Hati “Never Half a Heart”at Hard Rock Cafe. This was my first taste of Indonesian jazz music and the Press were treated to a beautiful song he sang with his adorable children.

Tompi’s video clip and album cover were made in Australia to give a different feel to his previous work and managed to give me a twinge of homesickness while watching it..

Success to you with your new album Tompi!

Tompi promoting his new album

Singing with his beautiful children

So sweet!

Tompi's beautiful wife and daughter

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  1. raiza andini says:

    tompiiiiiiii………………….i love youuurr childern..hahaha….jazzy boy….i love it!!!!poor im not going to your event bro….T_T