Manggarai Station

A young boy sits at the rear of a packed train as it heads out from Manggarai Station

A man selling toys along the railway line

Tasha standing with young train spotters at Manggarai (Photo courtesy of Tri Saputro)

A mother and son watch as a train departs for Bogor

Playing on the railway line waiting for trains

Economy Class Ticket from Manggarai to Bekasi

Crowds gather to watch the passing trains

Another packed train in peak hour

People take up every spare space possible to travel on the train

Chaos at Manggarai Station as people run to get on to a train after work

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  1. halinu says:

    nice picture but I am sad see my country like that ..

    • welovejakarta says:

      Thanks so much for your comment and for looking at our blog. I too am so sad to see that people have to travel like this – I hope that one day the government will finally put a system in place that makes it safe for people to travel on railways and not have to risk their lives and be so uncomfortable on dangerously packed trains 🙂