2 Responses to “‘Just Married’ Exhibition at Grand Indonesia – Amalia Kartika & Yurra Yudhistira”

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  1. uncle says:

    hey kid….these remind me of jeff koons work,but minus the palette…little retro now,but i note how easily but the most obvious, is often forgotten.i read your musings with interest…im unsure about the tainted brush that WE of the west are tainted with.i tend to believe that compassion is an obvious choice when we judge others.i noted your comparison of bin laden and and osama….mmmmm…im involved with helping some tibetan kids ,and wonder does this problem also come from the west evils…..i look forward to seeing you both ,and perhaps debate a little history

    • welovejakarta says:

      Hey Uncle Tink – thanks so much for reading the blog. It is true I am a little tainted myself, and I do agree that compassion should be an obvious choice, and I wish it was something that the world lives by, but if you watch the news or read politics and see starving people, and others killing each other, people burdened with the debts of corrupt governments, I don’t think the rulers of the world show much compassion, unless it fits their aims, or the country has something that they want. And it is after all our leaders who are supposed to be role models for the world we want. It is true that I compared Osama to Obama because, after all, Obama made him and his government heroes by illegally invading another country by night and killing a man, whether he was a guilty man or not, it cannot be denied that he was a man trained in America, and whether it shows any compassion or lessons learned by American people by drinking champagne and celebrating his death, when as far as evil goes, he has created a lot less damage than American policies particularly since cold war times where they have certainly been guilty of destroying a country or ten and killing many millions…and are still doing it….

      I suppose I have this sinking feeling that I carry around that so many of the problems come from the west’s evils – getting rich on the backs of poorer countries – and the victims are left eking out a survival in refugee camps across the world and refugee prisons in Australia.

      Sorry if I am being very negative.

      I think that the work that you have done in your life has always shown how much compassion you have in you and your work with Tibetan kids must be an inspiration.

      I would love to see you and debate history and talk about life and enjoy each other’s company. I miss you so much and think of you and your family often. Treenz xx