Indonesia Creative Week 2014

Today I have decided it’s high time I FINALLY sort out some photos off my desktop and clear my computer as we have many adventures coming in the next few weeks and I need to de-clutter my laptop before it gets out of hand.. and besides, I am so far behind in blog posts that I have had to archive so many photos as the events I went to were so long ago now.. eeek.

One such event was the long anticipated Indonesia Creative Week which is organised by my friend Joe.  Since its fruition I have looked forward to attending for weeks, or even months beforehand, only to have last minute barriers stopping me from going, i.e. horrible sickness during pregnancy and unexpected trips out of Jakarta.  This year I was certain I would finally make it and was looking forward to seeing bright and inspiring new designs on the catwalk, only to find at the last minute that the event would clash with a work trip to Cirebon. My saving grace was that I would have one day to attend before we had to leave.  So my plan was to visit during the day time to check out the market stalls with Samudra, then drop him home and return to take photos of the shows later in the evening.

We headed to Gandaria Mall and walked inside, heading straight for the food section.. ohmygoodness, so many tasty treats, cupcakes, biscuits, vegan food and many others. I couldn’t resist the Ferrero Sandwich oat cookies in a jar, a heart shaped cookie with a gorgeous bird design and a chocolate ball on a stick covered in coloured speckles.

Then it was time to check out the rest of the stalls, full of creations by Indonesian designers, clothes, stationery, shoes, and cool bits and pieces.  I made a few purchases, although as usual I wanted everything, so I could support the local designers and then Samudra decided he had had enough of all the attention he was receiving so we headed off to eat and then to catch a taxi home to drop him off.  By the time we went to leave, the skies had opened up and it was absolutely pouring with rain!  This meant that the taxi line was ridiculously long and the traffic to get home took so long that there was no way I could make it back again for the evening shows! It seems the universe is against me when trying to make it to Indonesia Creative Week shows!

I do love to see the creations of people here and every year it just gets better and better. Here’s hoping in 2015 there will be no obstacles in my way and I’ll get to photograph the shows again.  With a wriggling baby pulling on the camera cord as usual and trying to press every button he can get his hands on, my photos are limited… but here’s a little peak of some of the yummy treats that were at ICW..

IMG_4405 blog

Makes my mouth water to see these cupcakes and treats!

IMG_4406 blog

Merry Go Round Cupcakes and cakes… yum!

IMG_4408 blog

What to eat? They all look delicious..

IMG_4409 blog

Willpower? What’s that?

IMG_4418 blog

Some of my purchases: Notebooks and keyrings by Sancraft, Cool black scarf by Chronicles, Nutella Sandwich cookies by Kukki and biscuits by Merry Go Round. YUM.

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  1. Mandy says:

    I am getting a lot of inspiration here Tash….

    • welovejakarta says:

      How cool are the decorated biscuits on sticks?? They also have chocolate balls on sticks decorated with coloured sprinkles or little decorative hearts you can eat… I would pay alot for the novelty because they look so damn cute! So glad you got some inspiration 🙂 You can check out their websites to see what they have.. the ferrero biscuits in jars are amazing too and sooooo delicious!!!!!!