Idul Fitri at Ancol

There's no better way for Indonesians to cool off on a public holiday than a swim at Carnaval Beach.....

beautiful children and their rubber duckies!! her own little world...

the token 'bule' gets mobbed for a photo

Afternoon snacks anyone?? it's panas!!!!


So sweet!

..waiting in line for the gondola ride....

View of the waterpark from the gondola in Ancol

Looks like a sea of Fruit Tingles!

I always wondered who would ever want to buy inflatable rings in the traffic jams... now I know!!!

It wouldn't be Jakarta without a million motorbikes!

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  1. Marlo says:

    Great photos …. I love fruit tingles.

  2. raiza andini says:

    litle baby so cute wearing hijab….