Boys will be Boys… sooo sweet!

Caught in the act.... having fun!

'we didn't write anything'... so sweet and innocent... lucu banget wkwkwkkw

Taking his pigeon for a walk in the alley....

Are you sure your bird is enjoying that?? wkwk

I am always amazed at the sights I see as I wander around... I love Jakarta!

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  1. Bule anak orang luu maen foto2 ajje luu ahh bule gila..?

  2. Angela Thompson says:

    Hi welovejakarta. Just ignore ir bokir kemang comment, You didnt do anything wrong.I came accross your blog accidently and i looovvee it:)Im indonesian living in uckland NZ since 1997. I havent been bck to indo since 2006,so miss the country a bit but your blog help me to ease the home sickness (hope this m ake sense:p)

    keep up the good work:)

    • welovejakarta says:

      Oh Angela! Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment and we are glad that you accidentally stumbled upon us and took the time to check out our blog – it’s always great to hear that there are people out there actually checking it out.. You must have had a culture shock going from Indo to New Zealand?? It’s so quiet over there but also so incredibly beautiful!! That has to be one of the most picturesque places that I have ever visited – it’s like a postcard everywhere you look! I’m glad we were able to ease your homesickness for you – Indonesia is such a special and funny place and we hope you can make it back again some day to experience the macet which I am sure has become a lot worse since you were last over! Enjoy NZ and thank you again xxxxxxxxxxx