Ages Biola and Musical Angels playing Keroncong at Merdeka Square

Another random and magical day in Jakarta! I thought I was heading to Menteng Suropti last Sunday morning to watch musicians in the park and miraculously ended up at Merdeka Park with a new Dutch friend, Aniek, to watch Ages Biola and his lovely students playing on stage for the celebrations of Dalam Rangkan Pencanangan HUT Ke-485 Kota Jakarta. Random adventures in Jakarta certainly mean HAPPINESS for me!!

Gorgeous little girls after performing on stage

Another performer on stage giving Aniek and I a private performance 🙂

Ages' beautiful son

What beautiful sounds! Makasih Sony!

Beautiful angel Tiara singing traditional songs on stage... She told me her voice is a 'Gift from God'.. and it certainly is!

Cantik Abigael singing Bruno Mars.. what a beautiful voice too!!

So much talent! I was in awe....

The magical man himself... Ages Biola

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  1. yasminka subekti says:

    thank you for the great pictures Tasha. I love them

    • welovejakarta says:

      Kembali Yasminka!! It really was such a beautiful day with you all… Terima kasih and see you all again soon xxxx