A trip to Istiqlal Mosque… finally!

Entrance to Istiqlal Mosque... It has taken me sooo long to finally visit!

The incredibly huge domed roof of Istiqlal Mosque

View to Monas from inside the mosque

Inside Istiqlal - the largest Mosque in South East Asia

The mosque can hold a capacity of 120,000 people... now that I would love to see...

Women Praying

Young girls praying

View from the courtyard

Some seriously loud speakers for Call to Prayer

Sign pointing in the direction of Mecca for praying

Young beggar outside Istiqlal

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  1. Vira says:

    great website you’ve got here! I love it, it’s funny, speaks so much about Jakarta, and I love the fact that you girls can enjoy the chaos!
    Anyhoo, I myself , being a moslem and have been living in Jakarta since 2002, haven’t been to Istiqlal, not even once! The plan is in this Ramadhan month for the night prayers (tarawih), but I have to check with traffic!

    Oh did I tell you I love your website?

    • welovejakarta says:

      Oh you must visit Istiqlal! I would love to see it during Ramadhan but not sure if we would be allowed in while everyone is praying… but I am sure it is a spectacular scene to see! Thanks so much for your lovely message and I LOVE your website too… so informative and you’ve been to so many amazing places… wow, it’s the way life should be xxxxxxx


  1. offre d’emploi bien rémunéré

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