100 Days of Happiness – Day 99

This morning we missed out on our morning walk as it was a little late before I managed to get up and find motivation and the sun was already far too warm.  If I miss the early morning window to walk then I end up covered in sweat and uncomfortable within a minute of walking and as there are not many trees around for shade, I feel like I may just spontaneously combust carrying around an almost 9kg little bundle of joy.  I would also risk the comments of walking around with Samudra without an umbrella, jacket, and shoes to guard him from the sun from all the ibu ibu on the street. ha!

So instead I snapped way too many pictures of him sleeping in the morning because waking up next to his loveliness fills my heart with happiness and he looked way too cute with this teddy today (thanks Sarah Ooi).

In the afternoon I could hear lots of laughing and squeals coming from the front of the house so I took Samudra out to see what was going on.. the front doorstep was filled with people and a tiny little baby furry creature.  I still have no idea exactly what it was, (is it a type of possum?)  but I kind of felt sorry for it being surrounded by people and arms reaching out to it and it looked a little frightened and tried to get away but had no chance of that.  It climbed over my legs and proceeded to start biting on my feet ever so gently and it was freaking me out but I didn’t want to startle it even more.  Apparently it had been found near the drain outside the house, so after everyone had played with it, it was given a bath and a quick dry out in the super hot sun and placed in a tiny cage. Oh no! Not more animals in cages and I wanted to know where was it’s mother and what if she came back looking for it? If only I knew more bahasa I would have freed it there and then, but in the afternoon it seemed to have gone so I hope it is safely reunited with its mother or playing in a tree somewhere.

More giggles, and playtime with my little boy and the day was over yet again.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 99_IMG_3279 2

Day 99: Too cute even when he’s asleep. Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3284 2

Day 99: Bless this furry creature! Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3289 2

Day 99: A second before he realised what was infront of him and then being so scared! Happiness.

Day 99_IMG_3296 2

Day 99: Daffa getting tickled. Happiness.

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  1. Mat Mat says:

    feed that little blighter coffee and sell his droppings for a small fortune! That looks like a civet. Now that just made my day!

    • welovejakarta says:

      Oh Mat! I think you’re right!! How did I not recognise the little civet? Perhaps because I have only seen them in captivity in Indonesia at Kopi Luwak remote destinations and they were sickly looking locked up in cages. I am so happy to know there are some around here living freely 🙂 Thanks so much for pointing it out!