100 Days of Happiness – Day 75

I had arranged with Treen to go to Car Free Day this morning, and for once Samudra decided not to wake up early, so by the time Treen arrived in the taxi with Claire, I had to wake Samudra and take him with us in his pajamas.  The street was heaving with people jogging, walking, riding, and skating this morning and our pace was much faster than when Putra and I walk, so we reached Bundaran HI fairly quickly today.  Taking the pram ended up being a waste of time as Samudra started crying 5 minutes into the walk and I ended up carrying him in the baby sling the whole walk and was soaking by the time we reached the fountain in the sunshine, but I guess it’s good exercise to be walking and carrying a heavy weight at the same time!

The fountain was turned on low this morning, but there were still hundreds of people standing around it, taking photos, making huge bubbles and hanging out in the morning sun so we battled our way through the street food vendors and market down the road to the entrance of Grand Indonesia.  The mall is still closed at 8.00am but we entered through the Shinta Lobby and headed upstairs to Level 1 for a delicious breakfast at Social House that cancelled out all the good work that the morning walk had done.. but it was worth it!  Treen and I used to eat here often in the past, but I hadn’t been in awhile for breakfast so it was good to be back and the scrambled eggs, mushroom, tomato and bread were divine after the walk.  The portions here are so huge and although it’s a pricey venue, it’s good to go to treat yourself.  There is a great view out to Jl. Jendral Sudirman in the casual dining section, with couches and benches around the windows, and plenty of seating in the main area and a small play area for children in the middle.  The entrance also leads into a bottle shop selling wine, but the prices are ridiculous if you compare them to those back in Australia, so I could never buy from them, no matter how much I love a glass of vino!

I spent the afternoon relaxing at home while Samudra and Putra slept and then we headed across to Pondok Indah Mall for a late lunch/early dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant.  I am happy to say that as much as I have enjoyed their food, I am ready to find my new addiction, any suggestions for vegetarian food restaurants are welcome!

So I hope you all had a beautiful day too and fun weekend wherever in the world you are.

Day 75: Claire and Treen looking buff! Happiness.

Bundaran HI on a Sunday morning. Happiness.

Day 75: My breakfast at Social House. Happiness.

Day 75: Treen’s breakie. Happiness.

Day 75: Bundaran HI Fountain from Social House. Happiness.

Day 75: Samudra in a cart with teddy’s. Happiness.