100 Days of Happiness – Day 52

Tonight as we were heading home on the vespa Putra noticed the bright lights down one of the narrow streets in the complex – a Pasar Malam! (night market).  We quickly headed home and picked up Samudra and walked back the short distance to the markets.  Loads of teenagers were hovering near the entrance on their motorbikes as we walked through the little stalls of weird and wonderful snacks, clothing, pirated dvd’s, a children’s tiny train ride and more.  There was also a small blow up pool with shallow water and lots of fish and nets.  Apparently if you could catch a fish you could take it home in a little plastic bag with water which didn’t look too difficult to me, but lots of fun for the youngsters. There was an air of excitement from all the little kids with their parents and we ran into some familiar faces from the neighbourhood asking why I hadn’t been taking Samudra around the complex for a walk lately. I guess it has been awhile but we have been taking it easy this week while he recovers from being unwell.

A fun little random adventure to the market was the perfect end to another chilled out day in Jakarta with my little family.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 52: A tired and sick little boy today, but love those cheeks! Happiness.

Day 52: A random night market in the Kompleks. Happiness.

Day 52: Kids ride at the market. It was so small but so fast! Happiness.

Day 52: Samudra meeting a new friend, but both too distracted! Happiness.

Day 52: Playing with bapak on the street on our way home.