100 Days of Happiness – Day 29

Today was another rainy day in Jakarta so it was perfect for staying indoors and being productive!  I worked in bed on my computer with Samudra sitting beside me… SITTING BESIDE ME! When did this happen? This was a first and a happy moment watching him play with his toys without me having to hold him.

We went for a quick walk around the complex, without the camera, as I was afraid we would end up wet before we made it home again, but we made it back safely, after Samudra had been entertained by lots of people out on the street and fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got home.  This gave me a chance to catch up on some emails and finally start sorting my Fashion Week photos and getting some items ticked off my now incredibly long ‘to do’ list.

Samudra and I met up with Treen at Java Bean in Pejaten Village for dinner and it was another first for Samudra as he sat in a high chair beside me while I ate.. our boy is growing so fast! My head almost exploded as I had forgotten to ask for my food without chillies and I broke out in a serious sweat and my mouth went numb.  I will never understand how anyone can find the sensation of eating chillies enjoyable! People here eat them here every day with everything for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I prefer to enjoy my dinner without a mouth full of fire.

I hope you had a fun and productive day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 29: Samudra sitting up straight on his own. Happiness.

Day 29: Samudra’s first time sitting in a high chair. Happiness.

Day 29: Samudra happily being held by the waiter at Java Bean Cafe. Happiness.

Day 29: Dinner with aunty Treen. Happiness.

Day 29: Samudra spreading his love at Java Bean. Happiness.


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  1. Imam Budi says:

    In 2012 there a joke that if you still playing with Facebook, that means you haven’t move on.
    In 2013 , my favorite comedian Jimmy Falon said that he just realized why there’s Facebook on earth, that is to show to the whole world our child picture 😛

    Reading all your article makes me feel like watching Full House in words and pictures.
    Keep it coming please,

    • welovejakarta says:

      Oh Imam! I know I may be going overboard with pictures of Samudra, but at least it’s an honest account of my daily life here with a new baby 🙂 My life has been consumed by this little human and he makes me so happy and I love to have little adventures with him as often as possible. Life has certainly changed from the vodka and cigarette days when we first started this blog. I WILL eventually get around to showing more of Jakarta again… I just need to wait until it’s easier to take my little boy everywhere. Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to comment… you gave me a morning belly laugh 🙂