100 Days of Happiness – Day 21

Where did today go?  Somehow the morning just disappeared after we cancelled our plans to film at Taman Mini today as the weather wasn’t looking great early on.  I was playing with Samudra and feeding him with Putra, answering emails and trying to organise a few things, and before I knew it it was already late afternoon.  It seems that Putra and I have a new addiction – the gym! So we off we went to work up a sweat and once again we had the whole place to ourselves which I love! The only thing is, it makes me so incredibly hungry afterwards and I am sure I am eating twice as much these days but it really feels great to be exercising again.

We arrived home to Daffa asking me if we could go for a walk again and so I agreed to take him only a short distance this afternoon as I was so hungry and wanted to go inside and eat.  I decided I wanted to walk down the small alleyway near the house as I have been seeing a huge house from our balcony which has clouds painted on the column below a large dome.  I have been curious about the house for so long but never made the short walk around the corner in that direction, so I was shocked to see the whole column painted on this huge mansion.  It must seem like a magical house to all the kids in the alleyway as the house is decadent and on the other side of the narrow alley, the houses are very small and simple.

I can’t believe I have never walked that distance before as the little street was filled with kids and adults and it was so lovely!  Many people came to say hello to Samudra and I and so I took loads of photos and met lots of young babies and small children and curious adults.  What a lovely surprise to discover this little area and it really made my day.

I hope you had a lovely day wherever you are in the world too.

Day 21: Cool painting on the column of this mansion. Happiness.

Day 21: Big brown eyes and super cuteness. Happiness.

Day 21: Samudra and his new friend from today, Windu. Happiness.

Day 21: So many kids in the neighbourhood. Happiness.

Day 21: I found the sweet girls from yesterday again. Happiness.