100 Days of Happiness – Day 20

Today was a pretty crazy one with my little bundle of joy! After feeding and bathing him we ventured to Pejaten Village to pick up a few things, and while we were there I decided to have a quick lunch at Java Bean Cafe as I LOVE the food there, they have vegetarian options and it’s no smoking inside.. perfect!  I sat down with Samudra and sang some songs and he was laughing hysterically and he even happily let the waiter pick him up and introduce him to everyone.  Samudra LOVES attention, it makes him smile and hyper excited!  but… as soon as my food arrived he went AWOL screaming crying with tears and wouldn’t stop, no matter what I tried.  I had no choice but to pay and leave without eating as I didn’t want to disturb everyone else eating there, and I had broken into a sweat and could feel my face burning up as I tried to calm him down.  As soon as we hopped onto the escalator he was all smiles and flirting with the girls behind us, so I sped up and picked up what I needed before he went crazy yet again at the check out at Hypermart.  I was so shocked and thankful for all the males who actually stopped to try and make Samudra smile while he screamed today, people here are seriously so lovely and friendly and I appreciated all your attempts to help me out!

We ended up walking up and down the street infront of the house as it was the only way to keep him calm today and it was so entertaining out there!  Many people stopped to say hello and even knew Samudra’s name and I swear I hadn’t met them before, and there were loads of groups of kids running around and playing.  It’s very social to just stand outside without going anywhere and people will just come to chat, but I really REALLY need to learn Bahasa Indonesia  so I can have a proper conversation.

A quick visit to the gym, some delicious healthy veggies for dinner, and my baby finally asleep and peaceful, it’s time to breathe and get some things done.. if I can keep my eyes open!

I hope you had a fun day wherever in the world you are.

Day 20: Samudra in a sea of colourful toys and not crying. Happiness.

Day 20: Beautiful giggling girls in the complex. Happiness.

Day 20: Amad is always so busy cleaning and fixing the house. I caught him resting for a split second for a change! Happiness.

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  1. Graeme Inness says:

    We feel like we are there with you. Happy days darling, Samudra is such a beautiful boy, no wonder everyone wants to know him, as you say….bless.

    Mum & Grae

    • welovejakarta says:

      Thanks Mum and Grae… Samudra is just sooo cute (even when he is screaming) and it’s fun to have adventures with him every day. xoxoxo