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  1. James Clark says:

    Instant classic, love it! I can imagine those T-shirts being spotted all around the world like the I Heart NY t-shirts.

  2. Leinad says:

    i want one, but i love samui

  3. welovejakarta says:

    wkwkwkwkwkkwkw…. thanks Jimmy! If it’s to be spotted all around the world then we better start travelling quick smart! Very very limited edition….. but I will have to send you one for being our inspiration… Happy travels to you always x

    and thanks Dan!!! you can love Jakarta AND love Koh Samui, right? xxxx

  4. raiza says:


  5. Windu Kuntoro says:

    Oh..If I can wearing that t-shirt walk around in spring Melbourne…hahaha.

    • welovejakarta says:

      ooooh hahahahahhaha… actually I asked the printer to print me more… in August.. and he said they would be ready after Idul Fitri… I’m still waiting… jam karet! :))

  6. Windu Kuntoro says:

    I bought some of `Indonesia` T-shirt from Indonesian Festival 3 years ago but now warnanya pudar and bahannya menciut…hahaha quality problem. Last month, I can`t found any T shirt at Indonesian Festival. Anyway, next time I`ll looking at Tanah Abang..hahaha MurMer…Murah Meriah.

    • welovejakarta says:

      hahahahhaaha! what a shame you couldn’t find any Indonesia t-shirts at Festival Indonesia! I am still waiting for my We Love Jakarta tshirts to be printed… sudah lama! I wanted to print and sell some but I’ll wait to see if the printer ever does my job request after 4 months… hahahhahahah